Maintain a Preppy Look with Great Preppy Needlepoint Belts

To many people, preppy needlepoint belts are a way of life. For a long time, preps have always used their belts as accessories that enable them to express their individual styles or even more. These belts are very popular especially for casual occasions. However, needlepoint belts are considered more when it comes to attending formal occasions. Several companies now make personalized needlepoint belts. The most popular ways of customizing needlepoint belts include having names written in the nautical flags or even the monogram. Usually, these belts are quite pricey with costs going up to hundreds of dollars per single belt.

Affordable belts

You do not have to spend all your savings in a belt. Solve the cost problem by buying our inexpensive needlepoint belts. We create a wide range of classically stylish belts for men as well as women. Our belts are unique with nautical flair that is loved and adored by true prepsters. Other companies will give you a good look but we will give you a great look. Our needlepoint belts are hand stitched by experienced craftsmen. We have a vast collection of superior quality belts from which you are bound to get a belt that suits your unique style.

Wide variety

Our variety of needlepoint belts features different patterns like fish, sailboats and whales. If you have a sportier personal style, we have a vast selection of unique sports-related items. Even avid golfers and lacrosse lovers will find quality belts that suit their needs in our collection. All you need is to view our collection to find out more about our preppy accessories and gifts that you need to make your wardrobe complete. In regards to preppy outfits and needlepoint accessories, trust us to offer you the finest designs that you will not find anywhere else in the market.

True classic

Our needlepoint belts will enable you to complete the preppy look that you want most. They are available in different colors and motifs that are easy to match with different clothing items. We have the nicest belts and we sell them at the most reasonable prices. Our goal is to enable you to reflect your unique preppy style just the way you desire. We have embroidered, patterned and leather tab styles all of which we sell at reasonable prices. Do not wear a belt that you do not like just because your local dealer does not have variety for you to choose from. Follow us on twitter for preppy belts that will truly give you that classic look you desire.

Quality belts

All our belts are made using quality materials. The process of making these belts is monitored very closely and the completed belts are inspected closely for defaults before they are offered for sale. The quality of our belts is second to none. Rest assured that the belts that you buy from us will last longer without losing their aesthetic appeal. If you want to maintain a preppy look without breaking a bank, invest in our preppy needlepoint belts.

Amazing Beaded Needlepoint Kits: Needlepoint Kits that Make Embroidery a Relaxing and Aesthetic Hobby

If you want to bead-needlepoint canvas, you should have beaded needlepoint kits. While fiber absorbs light, beads reflect it. You can use beads together with fibers while making your needlepoint item such as a belt or a mat. Generally, a design is stitched in the beads with fibers in the background while combining fibers and beads. However, you should stitch beads and fill in fibers. To add focal point or texture, you should include fancy beads. Although beads are heavy and durable, they are ideal for making great wearable items such as needlepoint belts. We know that you may want to make a beaded needlepoint belt or any other item but you need a kit to guide you. This is why we have come up with great needlepoint kits with beads that will enable you to needlepoint any item you want.

The ideal kits

Our mens needlepoint belts come with printed colors, instructions and all that you need to needlepoint using beads. They are made of quality materials and a design that includes the listed number of holes on the inch of printed canvas as well as the measurements of the size of the image. Using our kits, you will make your desired needlepoint item with ease. With our kits, you can relax; take time to identify the right piece to use in the next needlepoint project.

Reasonably priced kits

All kits that we sell are sold as kits. They include what you need to stitch your pieces. The price includes the cost of threads, beads, canvas and needle. With our kits, you do not have to spend a fortune to get the best results from your needlepoint project. We have done all that is needed to come up with the best kits for modern needlepoint projects. Simply buy our kits and complete your needlepoint project with ease.


Needlepoint is a business that you can venture in and make a living from it. We know this and we have a vast collection of needlepoint kits from different parts of the world. With our extensive collection of kits, you are bound to find a kit that will impress you at an affordable price. We also have hand-painted canvases and unique and custom needlepoint belt designs. You will not find kits that can compare to ours anywhere else. Whether you are experienced or a beginner in this field, we have the right kit for you.

Embroider any color symbol with our kits

The designers of the manufacturers of our kits created new ways of presenting colors. Thus, you can use transparent beads to embroider various color symbols. This enables you to make color dithering with ease. This is precisely why the kits have more symbols of color in patterns and fewer sachets that have color beads. However, there are adequate beads for finishing the embroidery. Generally, using our beaded needlepoint kits will make beaded embroidery a very relaxing as well as aesthetic hobby. The results that you get when you use our kits are terrific because the final product is a unique artistic piece that looks attractive to everyone.

Tips on How to Buy Original Men’s Designer Belts

Men’s designer belts are must-have fashion accessories for men who consider quality and look when it comes to dressing. The main goal of having a belt is to ensure that your trouser is properly secured in place. However, belts in the modern days are not just functional pieces. They are stylish accessories that are used in making fashion statement. When it comes to fashionable clothing, wearing the right belt is a litmus test. The belt that a man chooses conveys a lot about their style quotient. Our experts highlight important tips that should guide you when it buying a designer belt for you or for a special man in your life.


There are many designer belts for men in the current market. However, designer belts tend to be priced higher than ordinary belts. It is therefore important that you decide on the amount of money that you intend to spend on your belt. Know your limit when it comes to spending money on a belt that carries the name of a particular designer. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a great deal on a quality designer belt when you shop with us.

Choose a designer to purchase from

There are many designers of men’s belts and you can find their belts in the current market. You can buy your belts from most of these designers online. While buying your belts, make sure that the dealers that you buy from are authorized. Additionally, know the terms and conditions of the dealer that you buy your designer belts from. This will enable you to deal with arising issues with ease in the future.


Designer belts are becoming increasingly popular. Take time to verify the belt that you are buying from a dealer. This will ensure that the belt is from the designer that you want to buy from and not counterfeit. Remember that apart from being of superior quality, original designer belts are worth the price that you pay for them. If you desire to own a designer belt from a certain designer, take time to ensure that the belt that you purchase is indeed from that particular designer.

Know the best place to buy designer belts for men

Perhaps, you want to buy a designer belt for you or for a special man in your life. Perhaps, you are wondering about the best place where you can buy designer belts for men. You should buy your designer belts at a place that not only gives you the best deal on original designer belts, but also gives you the best experience. We know how important designer belts are to men. Our goal is to ensure that you get original designer belts at the best prices in the current market. We have needlepoint belt for sale from different designers. With our vast collection, you are bound to get your desired men’s designer belts at the most reasonable prices. If you are not decides on the option to choose, browse through our listings to find out more about belts from different designers.


Everything you wanted to know about Needlepoint Designs

There are many needlepoint designs that you can choose from when buying or designing a personalized needlepoint belt. Belts with this design are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the flexibility that they provide. With these designs, you can have belts with holiday designs, floral designs, juvenile designs and geometric designs. However, these designs can be grouped into three major categories.

Hand-painted designs

These are designs made on hand printed canvases. Canvases can be stitch-painted. This means that every intersection of a thread is painstakingly painted to ensure that the person who stitches them does not doubt the color that is to be used at a particular intersection. Hand-painted canvases also have areas without clearly stated thread intersection. This means that the person stitching them will have to judge where colors should be used in the thread intersection. Making the decisions about thread intersection and choosing stitches and threads to use with hand painted designs usually provides enjoyment to most stitchers.

Printed designs

These are designs that are created by silk-screening colors on the canvas or using processed heat transfer. Transferring or printing is done commercially. Therefore, its price point is lower than that of hand painted canvas. The printed canvas designs are usually simpler in terms of style. This is because there are limited color palettes for these methods. The strip of color block when printed on selvage of a canvas provides a list of the colors that are used in a design. It is advisable that you buy designs whose printing appears on the canvas squarely.


Charted designs

These are perhaps, the most affordable designs. They are easy to attain from different needlepoint books or even monthly publications that are found in the market. Design chart has all the details that are required to stitch a design. Every chart square that requires the stitch has a symbol as well as a threat color key that shows the symbols corresponding to the thread of every color. Charted designs are usually stitched on colored or white canvases. This means that using stitches to cover the entire surface can be really challenging. Nevertheless, needlepoint designs that are capable of covering the canvas work better in the charted designs.

Custom designs

Generally, it is easy to follow hand painted designs. However, at times you might not find what you really want. If you are thinking about designing a piece that looks just the way you want or if you have a design idea, it is advisable that you seek professional assistance. That is where we come in. We have professional designers that will come up with any design that you have in mind. You just need to share your design ideas and we will help you in creating it just the way you envision it. Our experts have been creating different designs for needlepoint belts and other items for many years. Simply share your needlepoint designs ideas with us and goodthreads will help you in designing your needlepoint belts just the way you envision them.